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Monday Movie: Floating with Tapâm’s Silver Kings

It’s Monday Movie time again on FF365.

This week’s choice is a beautiful and mysterious short film that was the winner of the 2010 Drake Video Awards “Best Fishing” short film category.

Produced by Daniel Göz and Jan Bach Kristensen, it was filmed at an undisclosed location in Central America on a three-week trip in 2010.

Take one view of this film and you’ll understand why these two anglers left it undisclosed.

It’s a beautiful spot quite literally in the middle of nowhere, a place where big triple-digit tarpon greedily eat flies, rip line off fly reels deep into the backing, and give thrilling runs, leaps, and head-shaking fights.

To a couple of guys hooked up to these silver kings while fly fishing out of a float tube.

Yup, you read that right, a float tube.

This might be one of the best tarpon films ever made in my opinion, especially considering the fact that it was filmed almost entirely with Canon DSLR cameras, specifically Canon’s 5DMKII and 7D models.

That fact probably makes this short film one of the few ever shot almost exclusively (except for some underwater Go-Pro video) with digital SLR cameras sporting HD video capabilities.

It’s an extraordinary short film, one with breathtaking jumps of huge tarpon at very close ranges.

Watch it just one time and I think you’ll understand exactly why the tarpon is hailed as the “Silver King.”

Enjoy this week’s Monday Movie!