Monday Movie: A River North with Andy Mill

14 May

Today’s “Monday Movie” brings four levels of greatness together in one remarkable short film.

First up is the incomparable wilderness of British Columbia, one of the greatest of all brushstrokes on the Creator’s grand canvas.

Next is the great Andy Mill, champion U.S. skier and one of the world’s most enthusiastic tarpon fly fishers.

Follow up that one-two punch by throwing into the mix the talents of superb fly fishing film-maker Jamie Howard (Chasing Silver, Bass: The Movie, etc.) and this MM installment promises to be a special one.

But it all comes together into a glorious mix of angling greatness when you add in the final ingredient.

And that’s the steelhead, the fish species that many call THE greatest of all piscatorial critters.

Partly because this chrome ocean goer is remarkably strong. Not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. And without a doubt because it is a wonderfully mysterious creature that inhabits some of the world’s cleanest, coldest, and greatest rivers.

Add it all together and you’ve got an incredible short film to start out a new week of fly fishing.



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