The Best Big Bass Tip I Know…

21 Apr

Suffering from a bit of writer’s block today, not to mention my still too sore to fish back, I went looking for something to write about.

And I found it, sifting through the long forgotten recesses of my old e-mail files.

That’s where I came across a message from my friend Rob Woodruff after a trip he had guided on Lake Fork three April’s ago.

Now I must confess that I don’t know the client’s name nor do I mean him or her any disrespect with this post.

But if I understand correctly, after a tiring day on the water, the exchange in the boat between the guide and the guided went a little something like this.

“Rob, you fish for a little while, I need to rest my arm.”

With a nervous glance – and being fully aware of what could happen – Woodruff reluctantly complied.

One cast…nothing.

Two casts…still nothing.

Three casts…and a 9-pound, 12-ounce bruiser of a largemouth bass on the fly.

Which leads to the best big bass fly fishing tip that I know of.

And that is simply this: keep your fly in the water.

At all costs.

At all times.

Because you never know…you might only be three casts from the lunker of a lifetime.

Want to catch a bruiser bass like this? Then keep your fly in the water at all costs!



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